Electric Guitars

Get a jump on your holiday shopping by taking advantage of this guitar sale. If you have a musician on your gift list, this is an amazing opportunity to get something your loved one will love at a greatly reduced price. These electric guitars are truly electrifying. You’ll find an array of bright colors and patterns, too. Don’t wait, though…Mail your order today!

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Golden Retriever Loyalty

I grew up with a Golden Retriever so I know…there truly is not another dog breed as loyal and faithful as these dogs are.

Judy Muhe of Palmdale, Florida, received extraordinary care from her two Golden Retrievers recently after she fell in her kitchen. Muhe bruised her head and shattered a shoulder when she fell. She spent the next 48 hours drifting in and out of consciousness. Her two dogs laid down next to her and kept her as warm and as comfortable as they could.

Eventually, a friend became concerned with she couldn’t reach Muhe by phone. The friend used a key to enter the apartment and found Muhe on the floor with her dogs.

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Studio Monitors

Raising a family of musicians, our home is often and usually quite loud. We really have no need for event studio monitors to fine tune our noise…erm…music. If you are recording and you need a professional sound, this would certainly be the way to go, though. You will get improved audio characteristics and dynamics. There’s something here to fit every need and budget and the prices are right, too.

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Philadelphia Police Rock Ronald McDonald Socks

What would make Philadelphia law enforcement add some color to their uniforms, you might wonder? Why…a good cause, of course! The Ronald McDonald House recently recognized 4o years in service and these Philadelphia cops decided to help celebrate. The organization launched a #Sockie campaign, calling on people to buy Ronald McDonald’s iconic socks from the organization for $10 and share a photo on social media using #Sockie as a hashtag. Through sales of socks, the police department raised $26,000 for Ronald McDonald House.

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Fun in the Backyard

Kids need fresh air and time outside running and playing. Part of the obesity epidemic stems simply from kids that sit around too much in front of screens. Here’s one solution to consider. How about investing in one of these playsets in woodbridge va. Create just the play place your kids will love and rest assured that this equipment will stay strong and attractive for years. Why not invest in your kids’ future by providing for their good health?

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Homeless Man Returns Found Cash

Recently, a homeless man found a backpack filled with thousands of dollars in cash and traveler’s checks. Did he keep it? No, he turned it in to police in Boston, saying that even if he were desperate he wouldn’t have kept it.

His name is Glen James and he was honored by Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis recently. James was given a special citation and city officials thanked him for an ‘extraordinary show of character and honesty.’

James released a statement that said he was glad to make sure the backpack and its contents were returned to the owner.

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What’s Your Furniture Style?

So…what type of furniture are you drawn to for your home? Eclectic, traditional, modern? I used to tend toward the traditional, but slowly I am evolving to more of an eclectic style.

I love browsing in furniture stores like bernhardt furniture stores to get decorating ideas. You never know what interesting designs you will see in a showroom that you can recreate in your home on the cheap!

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Celebrate Your Birthday THIS Way!

A North Carolina man recently spent his 59th birthday standing on a street corner in Winston-Salem, handing out $5 bills.

For the third year in a row, Bob Blackley has stood on the corner, holding up a sign to cars on September 4 offering money. This year he gave away $800 to 160 people.

Drivers are typically surprised because it looks like this clean-shaven man is begging for money with a cardboard sign. Once close enough to read the sign, it says: I HAVE a HOME, I HAVE a JOB, COULD YOU USE an EXTRA $5.00?

Many people tell him they have enough and ask him to give to someone who needs it more.

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Musical Education

Music is more than just background fluff in our home — it’s part of our children’s education. Giving children a foundation of music is a gift that will give back throughout their entire lifetime.

You never know what musical direction a child might take. Maybe you’ll be searching for a great little amp to amplify your bass player’s rockin’ music. Maybe you’ll be looking for other accessories to fit your budding musician. Whatever the niche — give it lots of encouragement!

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You NEED a Vacation!

Summer vacations are more than just an old-fashioned tradition. Make sure you have a real vacation that includes family time. Regular downtime that includes mealtime and weekends is also important for well-being.

“Taking breaks is biologically restorative,” concludes author and neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitin, author of The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload.

Levitin states: “If we can train ourselves to take regular vacations — true vacations without work — and to set aside time for naps and contemplation, we will be in a more powerful position to start solving some of the world’s big problems. And to be happier and well rested while we’re doing it.”

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