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Visiting Auckland, New Zealand

If I had a chance to go to New Zealand, I would jump at it. I’ve always wanted to spend time exploring this part of the world. There is a lot to see in and around this area. For instance, … Continue reading

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How to get the best prices

Is getting the best prices one of your current challenges? It is mine these days. Interestingly enough, there has never been a better time to hunt for bargains. Are you ready for this? Try some haggling! You may be surprised. … Continue reading

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Lifelock – protect your identity

Identity theft is a scary threat. Most people I know are concerned, and rightly so. I found a company several weeks ago that offers some very interesting services for protecting you against identity theft. It’s called Lifelock and they are … Continue reading

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Huge Chunk of Antarctic Shelf Collapses

A chunk of Antarctic ice larger than the city of Montreal has suddenly collapsed..This has put an even greater portion of glacial ice at risk scientists say. Satellite images show the actual disintegration of a 414-square-kilometer chunk in western Antarctica, … Continue reading

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Free Luxury Watches

Shopping for watches is a fun experience. I find it enjoyable to peruse the different sites and pick out my favorites. Just today I found a neat site that is offering an awesome deal right now. Purchase a watch and … Continue reading

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Comcast and file sharing

Comcast has now agreed not to interfere with file sharing according to the latest development in this article. Comcast has done an “about face” and announced that it will treat all the various types of internet traffic the same. Comcast … Continue reading

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Florida apologizes for slavery

Florida is the latest state to apologize formally for slavery. Both chambers of the Florida State Legislature adopted a resolution Wednesday expressing “profound regret for the shameful chapter in this state’s history.” As seen in this CNN article, Florida’s resolution … Continue reading



Singer, songwriter Alisa Apps has a music video out called Confusion Masked. Why “masked” you ask? Well…Alisa is being censored once again by YouTube. So Alisa has created her “masked” version of Confusion so everyone can see exactly what it … Continue reading

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A scene you will probably never get to see

This is the sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest point. You can also see the sun below the moon. This is an amazing photo.


Fiskars Project Orange Thumb

Gardening is an art. Ask any gardener and they will tell you this. Fiskars 2008 Project Orange Thumb is announcing the presentation of the 2008 Community Garden Grant Recipients. Grant recipients were chosen from over 500 applicants. Entrants were asked … Continue reading

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