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More Bad News for the Dollar

Interest rates have again been cut by the Fed by a 1/4 point. Is this a good thing? The Fed wants you to think so. In fact, they seem to be ratcheting up the “anti-inflation” propaganda. Regardless of what they … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day

Two large colliding galaxies are featured in this Hubble Space Telescope view. This is part of a series of cosmic snapshots released to celebrate the Hubble’s 18th anniversary. This pair of clusters lies some 450 million light-years away in the … Continue reading

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CostCaptain Gets You Great Student Pricing

Software is expensive. I have found a reputable source for discounted Microsoft software such as Office 2007 Suite. is a Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller. This means that they can offer 100% authentic microsoft products at academic discounts. This will … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Delivers a Blow to Voters’ Rights

Democracy was the biggest loser in the Supreme Court on Monday. The court upheld the State of Indiana’s voter identification law. This serves to solve a nearly nonexistent problem by putting significant barriers between voters (particularly minorities) and the ballot … Continue reading

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Affordable Web Analytics Solution

If you own and manage your own web site(s) no doubt you are very familiar with Web Analysis. This is an integral part of managing a web site. Finding something affordable and yet high quality can be a task. There’s … Continue reading

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Our US Carbon Footprints

I happened upon a very interesting blog post today about carbon footprints. This is something we are hearing a lot about today in the mainstream media. The thing about Emerging Tech’s blog post that was so intriguing to me was … Continue reading

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Win a $20,000 Home Makeover from Renuzit TriScents

Who wouldn’t love a little help making over their home? I know I’d appreciate it! There are several things we’d love to do to our home that just aren’t at the top of the priority list. Especially as the economy … Continue reading

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Dual Boot Vista and XP

Not enamored with Vista? Join the club! How about configuring your PC to “dual-boot” and choose between either XP or Vista for whatever your particular need at any given time. All you need are the operating system CDs and about … Continue reading

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Miracle Fruit from West Africa

What would you say if I told you that there is a fruit from West Africa that rivals the sweetest confection? This slightly tart red berry has a most unusual property: For about an hour after you eat it, anything … Continue reading


It’s time to pay the piper

Fasten your seatbelts…this is going to be a rocky ride and one many of us will not enjoy. The unfolding economic picture is anything but pretty. We are staring down the barrel of inflation of anything solid and deflation of … Continue reading

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