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There’s a new paid blogging “kid” on the block that bears a closer look. It’s called Get Paid From Us.

One thing I liked right off the bat was their blog approval system. Instead of submitting your blog and getting lost in an unknown queue of who knows how many other blogs (and waiting what may be days or weeks for approval), you can get busy right away. In fact, Get Paid From Us seems to have gone out of their way to make their system user friendly and easy for bloggers. This is appreciated and has a lot of merit from a blogger’s perspective.

Upon closer inspection, their system is pretty unique. It’s not like any company I am currently blogging for, that’s for sure. If you’ve already got Adsense set up then this seems like it would be a very quick and simple company to get started earning money with. Even if you don’t, setting up an Adsense account isn’t hard. You should probably do this anyway! There are lots of different earning possibilities with Adsense.

Here is their model in a nutshell:

1. Sign up
2. Start blogging
3. Once you’ve started blogging in their system, Google’s Adsense adverts will automatically start generating in your blog.
4. You split your Adsense profits 50/50 with “Get Paid From Us”
5. That’s it!

If you’ve got a blog with good ranking and good traffic, I could see how this would be a lucrative paid blogging option. It has a lot of potential and possibilities.

This seems to be an interesting company that any blogger who is doing sponsored posts should take a few minutes and investigate. Nothing to lose and potentially lots to gain!

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