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Happy Saturday! Good News for June 28, 2008

Weekend Greetings! Here are a few GOOD news stories to help start your weekend off right… Mexico City is planting rooftop gardens on public buildings as part of a program launched on Thursday. The goal is combating their pollution problems … Continue reading


Joseph Baniak – Veteran and Natural Leader

Joseph Baniak is a professional manager, project manager and natural leader. He served tours of active duty in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq and retired from the military with the rank of Major. He has a military record that … Continue reading


No Bees No Crops

Food prices could rise even more unless the mystery surrounding the honeybees is solved lawmakers were told yesterday by farmers and businessmen. About three-quarters of flowering plants rely on pollinators (including birds and bees) to help them reproduce. Bee pollination … Continue reading

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Global Telemedicine Market Report

Report Buyer has just added a new report which forecasts that the global market for telemedicine will increase to over $13.9 billion by 2012. What is telemedicine? Telemedicine technology is expected to become part of the mainstream soon because it … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

The idea of facing a storm at sea is a pretty scary thing. Look at this storm as it appears from the position of this ship! Absolutely frightening!

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Keeping Up With The Youngsters

Summer means very full schedules with lots and lots of activity. For us it means baseball, swimming, lots of yardwork, bike rides, camping, hiking, rock climbing. You name it and my kids are either really good at it or would … Continue reading


How About a Bio-Weapons Lab in Your Town?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has just released a large report containing its plans to build a mega bio-defense lab for scientists to study the Earth’s deadliest diseases. It seems it will be a real-life version of The … Continue reading

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What is metaRL?

I had no idea what metaRL was until this morning. Allow me to share… MetaRL is a portal for everyone who enjoys visiting virtual worlds online. You can participate in games, surveys, tasks, and even contests and earn virtual world … Continue reading

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What is Mobile Cancer?

The studies and survey conducted by Australian Health Research Institute indicates that due to billions of times more volume of electromagnetic radiation emitted by billions of mobile phones, internet, intranet and wireless communication data transmission will make almost one-third of … Continue reading

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Vacationing in North Carolina

I have a good friend in North Carolina that I would love to get down to visit one of these days. As I actually think about putting together a vacation itinerary and heading down to see my friend, I have … Continue reading

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