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Happy Saturday! Good News for August 29, 2008

Hope you’re having an awesome holiday weekend (here in the US). Here’s a serving of GOOD news to keep up the positive vibe! Diaper Saves Baby’s Life in Fall A disposable diaper saved the life of an 18-month-old baby by … Continue reading


Black Friday Deals

I am a HUGE fan of online shopping for basically any and all occasion. There is just no way to beat the convenience and in many cases the prices are just as good or better then what you would pay … Continue reading

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August Frost Predicted

It’s too early to be hearing news like this! The National Weather Service says areas of northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin could see patchy frost overnight this weekend from Sunday night into Monday morning. An unusual cold-air mass from Canada … Continue reading

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Solar Power Can Help Our Environment

Solar energy is something I find interesting. The concept that we have the technology to utilize the amazing power of the sun to provide the energy needed to run a household’s energy needs is pretty impressive to me. The necessary … Continue reading


Wordless Wednesday (Er…Thursday)

Can you even imagine? I quit buying prepared salads after the salmonella scares from a while ago so I don’t plan on running into any extra protein in my salad…but still…


Improve Your Customer Service

Removed At Advertiser Request.

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US Cell Phone Service Developed for Hearing Impaired to Use ASL

University of Washington computer scientists are hard at work to help hearing-impaired people to be able to use sign language over a mobile phone…similar to in Japan or Sweden. Hearing-impaired people have obviously already been able to use text messages … Continue reading

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Sneak Peak at Great Mazda Deals

There are some interesting Mazda deals to be had at Orlando Mazda Truck. For a sneak peak and to check out the latest auto deals for a great looking, dependable Mazda, take a look at this website. I have always … Continue reading

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Effective Ways to Cut Everyday Spending

Did you know that the Consumer Reports Money Lab was recently studying ways to cut monthly costs and they are reporting that it is possible for consumers to save up to $500 per month — even when gas and food … Continue reading


Stock Research Made Fast and Easy

Everybody loves tips that save time or money. When you find a tip that can save both time and money it’s something to get excited about. Here is one of those tips. If you are an investor, instead of spending … Continue reading

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