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Sun Makes History: First Spotless Month in a Century

A drop in solar activity has the potential to effect the climate on earth. The sun has reached a milestone not seen for nearly 100 years.  An entire month has passed without a single visible sunspot being recorded. This event … Continue reading


Get SarvaSECURE For Your Site Today and Boost Your Sales

I feel so encouraged when I learn about new services designed to enhance safety on the internet! SarvaSECURE is a new service that is designed to keep your ecommerce store safe as it increases conversions. With a combination of remote … Continue reading

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Happy Saturday! Good News for September 27, 2008

Happy Weekend to you! The first weekend of fall. How’s the weather where you are? Still summer-like….or is autumn taking hold? We’ve been quite warm where I live but a front is moving through today some time and on the … Continue reading

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NASA Has a Virus

Apparently some laptops carried on board by U.S. astronauts were infected with the Gammima.AG virus recently. This is a password-stealing virus that is intended to transmit login names and passwords back to a central server. No virus detection was installed … Continue reading

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Improve Your Blogging With Dragon

I consider anything that will help me improve my efficiency as a blogger something that will help improve my blogging overall. Let’s face it…no one seems to have enough time to do everything these days. My life is as crammed … Continue reading

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Protect Your Financial Assets NOW…Hurry!

Do we really appreciate the magnitude of the financial crisis we see unfolding before our very eyes? It’s tempting to allow the soothing words of politicians to comfort us into believing that this crisis won’t personally touch us…much. Unfortunately…this is … Continue reading

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metaRL Can Help You Earn Points for Playing Virtual Games

Time for me to learn something new. Have you heard of metaRL? I have heard this word and seen various bits of information about this here and there on the internet, but had never really understood anything about this. Here … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

Not much more needs to be said.  This cartoon pretty much says it all. I just read something today that confirms that it certainly isn’t ONLY the US that is teetering on crisis, though.  According to what I read, the … Continue reading


Ready to Howl At the Moon?

Are you up for a rousing Howl At the Moon? I was just reading about a really neat Hollywood piano bar called Howl at the Moon. I don’t know about you…but this nightclub sounds like it would be a very … Continue reading

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US Economy – Election too close to call

Election Theme Yet Again:  “It’s the economy, stupid.” Americans are desperate for economic leadership. Both candidates are relying heavily on promised tax cuts to fix the economy’s major problems. No surprises here, however…both have fallen back on their traditional party … Continue reading

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