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Do Your Research To Find the Best Web Host

Looking for web hosting to either replace or begin your presence on the internet? Having trouble figuring out where to begin to make your decision? Web hosting is not something to be taken lightly – it will either make or … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday – Thursday Edition

I missed Wordless Wednesday!  We just got back from being away for 2.5 weeks and so yesterday was a pretty chaotic day. Anyway, this is a picture of the snow that just hit the UK. A car heading through a … Continue reading

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Helmet Cams Will Film Your Active Lifestyle

I learned something tonight. Until now, I had not heard about Helmet Cam Systems…but now that I have a whole new world has just opened up! These are cool and I know my boys would love to have these when … Continue reading


Be Prepared!

As the world looks global recession square in the face, it’s time to take the scout motto to heart – and quickly! Are you and your family prepared for a disruption of services or goods that you use every day? … Continue reading

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Transfer Data Easily From Old System to New System

My laptop is starting to show some signs of needing to be replaced. As much as I would like to get a new computer for several reasons – faster processor, bigger hard drive, etc., the mere thought of transferring everything … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

A Japanese Air crew observed a strange set of clouds over the Sea of Okhotsk. This is a very rare type of cloud formation. The clouds were observed last year from a Japan Coast Guard aircraft off the northeastern coast … Continue reading


Protection and Deterrence Provided by Video Surveillance

At the hotel where we are staying right now, a family who is also here attending the same conference had their vehicle stolen a few days ago. I can only imagine the dismay, disbelief, and sense of violation they must … Continue reading

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Happy Saturday! Good News for October 18, 2008

Today is my mom’s birthday! Happy birthday Mom! Hope you are having a great weekend so far…here are a few good news stories that I hope will make your day! The UPS Foundation Awards $1 Million to Environmental Groups The … Continue reading

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Almost Time to Masquerade

I love the word masquerade. It is one of those words that is fun to say and fun to do. Here is an online definition of “masquerade.” 1. a. A costume party at which masks are worn; a masked ball. … Continue reading

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Friends Helping Friends with Crossloop

Have you ever tried to help a friend or family member who was having a computer problem?  It can be difficult – especially if you are attempting to help from a distance.  Not being right there in front of their … Continue reading