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Happy Saturday! Good News for January 31, 2009

The last day of January is here! We are happily experiencing a bit of a “January thaw” this weekend with temps spiking well up into the 30s where I live! This is certainly a welcome respite from the frigid weather … Continue reading

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Amy Poehler CozmoTV player

This is cool. Below you will see an Amy Poehler CozmoTV player that any girl would love to take a closer look at. This is a widget I just found that is called the Amy Poehler CozmoTV widget. It’s a … Continue reading

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No Obstacle Too High for A Snakebot

This is an artist’s idea of how a sensor and camera-equipped snakebot might be used to inspect scaffolding. The support doesn’t have to be circular for the robot to be able to climb up. It can also get past obstacles … Continue reading

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Threadmaster Customized Embroidery

I can think of lots of interesting uses for clothing with custom embroidery logos. At Threadsmith you can browse among their template selection to create something unique or you can use something that already exists on their site. You also … Continue reading

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Kids’ Safety on the Internet

There is a new study just released out of Harvard University that has found that young people are not as likely to be propositioned on the internet as formerly believed. Basically, the findings conclude that the risks on the internet … Continue reading

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Go Green!

Were you aware that paper trash makes up approximately half of what goes into urban landfills? Taking steps to reduce our paper use will help preserve trees and other natural resources, not to mention reduce this needless amount of waste … Continue reading

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Huge Information Breach

All of the hoopla surrounding last week’s inauguration almost completely overshadowed a huge information breach that occurred at a Princeton, New Jersey credit card processor’s computer network. In fact, this may just rank as the biggest data breach in history … Continue reading

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C’elle and New Years Resolutions

How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? We are entering into the fourth week of January and by now many people have already abandoned their goals and hopes for 2009. This is actually quite a shame, because one … Continue reading


Happy Saturday! Good News for January 24, 2009

Weekend Greetings!  Hope everyone is warm, healthy, happy…enjoying a little relaxing down time as Saturday dawns bright and chilly.  Where I live we enjoyed a brief respite from the really cold weather, but now this weekend we are shivering again.  … Continue reading

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Obama Will Keep His Blackberry

President Obama will have his beloved BlackBerry in the White House…and possibly another more secure smartphone-like device as well. The president has insisted that he continue to use his BlackBerry despite concerns of the National Security Agency. Whatever model of … Continue reading

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