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Happy Saturday! Good News for Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hey Everyone! Hope you are sliding into the weekend on a good note. Nothing too crazy or noteworthy in my life this week…but I actually like it that way. Boring can be great if you look at it the right … Continue reading


Celebrating In a New Way

Continuing the anniversary discussion, I admit I have been thinking about a cruise for our next anniversary. We’ve never been on a cruise and a twentieth anniversary seems like the perfect one to commemorate with a cruise. Something I had … Continue reading


Marriage Milestones

My husband and I just celebrated our 19th anniversary a few days ago. That seems like such a big number! Next year’s will seem even bigger, I’m sure. I was looking at our wedding rings with an objective eye in … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Warm Weather

Getting ready for warmer weather yet? I admit I am definitely thinking and dreaming about putting on a few less layers of clothing and venturing outside once again. Many people begin to think about losing weight this time of year … Continue reading

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Fences Make Good Neighbors

We have an elderly couple that live right next door to us. The gentleman is an avid birder and the woman is an avid gardener. The combination of an elderly couple with hobbies like this and my family with a … Continue reading

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More Evidence of Water on Mars

Scientists have found evidence supporting the belief that water has likely played a significant role in shaping the Martian landscape. There seems to be multiple wet and/or icy climate cycles that have shaped the planet’s large craters. Scientists surveyed the … Continue reading

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A Flickr Fairytale

Rosie Hardy and Aaron Nace have quite a following on Flickr. Photos of the couple together have fascinated people around the Internet. Rosie and Aaron are almost never in the same room when the photos are taken. They’re not even … Continue reading

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Happy Saturday! Good News for February 21, 2009

The weekend is here at last! We’re getting snow in the Midwest. Up to 7 inches so they say. The birds are active at my birdfeeders this morning while the snow floats down lightly. It is pretty, but I’m ready … Continue reading

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Memory Cards Have Come A Long Way

It’s amazing to me the number of memory cards that one can collect these days. Not only the number of these tiny little cards, but the storage capacity is also amazing. I remember seeing a unbelievably hard drive several months … Continue reading


Digital Camera for My Son

I am shopping for digital cameras right now and it is a bit overwhelming. My oldest son is graduating from high school soon and he’s been using a 4 mega-pixel hand-me-down camera for several years and I think it’s time … Continue reading

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