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No Poo’ers

Ready to try something different? Does the idea of skipping shampoo sound scary? Some dermatologists say going a few extra days between shampoos or eliminating it entirely could improve your hair health. “No poo” has become something of an underground … Continue reading

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Diabetes Easier to Combat with Healthy Diet Options

Diabetes is increasing in America. One aspect of the treatment of diabetes that is getting easier to follow is the diet. Actually, a healthy diet for a diabetic is very similar to Atkins or South Beach diet. Carbohydrate control is … Continue reading

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Happy Saturday! Good News for April 25, 2009

It’s the birthday edition this week! In honor of my 42nd birthday (happening tomorrow) the theme this week is all about giving! I don’t know about you, but when I read some of the selfless gestures that are occurring here … Continue reading


Uni-Flipper Turtle Gets it Straight

Allison is a green sea turtle with only one flipper. Swimming in circles due to her flipper status is tough, though. Researchers have outfitted her with a black neoprene suit that sports a carbon-fiber dorsal fin on the back to … Continue reading

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Economy Spurs Personal Redirection

Thousands of people have been forced to change their goals and plans in this turbulent economy. Many are seeking to retool their skills in colleges and trade schools. Some others are tightening their belts and forging on with one income … Continue reading

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Happy Saturday! Good News for April 18, 2009

Happy Weekend to All!  Here is this week’s good news installment! Inmates Baby-sit Tot Found Alone on Highway A prison work crew kept a toddler safe after the child was found wandering on a Maryland highway. The six inmates shared … Continue reading

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Recent Rains Benefit Spring Wildflowers in Texas

Cooler spring temperatures and rain should help bluebonnet blooms last longer and also help the flowering of late spring bloomers in Texas. East of San Antonio there have been good sightings of Engelmann’s daisy, Texas ragwort, Drummond’s phlox and other … Continue reading

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Walruses Can Sleep Anywhere — or Not At All

A new study how walruses sleep has revealed that they are some of the world’s most unusual sleepers. They seem to be able to sleep anywhere but at the same time they can also stay awake continuously if they want … Continue reading

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High School Basketball Teams Display True Sportsmanship

The Milwaukee Madison Knights were scheduled to play DeKalb, Illinois, on a night back in February and they really wanted to win. On the night of the game, Milwaukee’s co-captain, senior Johntell Franklin, was not at the game because his … Continue reading

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Woman Finds $357,959 Cashier’s Check and Returns It

Talon Curtis was walking out of the post office when she thought she’d found one of those sweepstakes checks on the ground. She was about to throw it away when she noticed that it was a real cashier’s check with … Continue reading

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