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Saving Money on Insurance

Time to do the annual budget overhaul in our home and take a close look at premiums like life insurance, healthy insurance, home-owner’s insurance and the like. It is typically my job to call around and get a few term … Continue reading

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What To Do in the Event of the Unthinkable

It seems that more and more high profile people are becoming ill with cancer. With the recent deaths of Patrick Swayze and Senator Ted Kennedy…both from cancer…there is a lot of conflicting information about cancers and cancer treatments in the … Continue reading

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Happy Weekend! Good News for September 26, 2009

Weekend greetings! September is winding down and leaves are starting to turn and fall in earnest where I live. Yes…I’ve accepted that summer is over finally! Even though I don’t like the colder weather, there is much good news! World’s … Continue reading

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Americas Got Talent Champion

How does this sound as far as Vegas vacations go? Kevin Skinner, the singing chicken farmer, was awarded the NBC talent grand prize of $1 million and a headlining spot in a Las Vegas show. Skinner received the most on … Continue reading

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A Fresh Look at Rental Car Insurance

If you’ve ever rented a car, you’ve been asked if you want to purchase the collision damage waiver to protect you in case of an accident. The traditional advice has always been to decline this collision damage waiver because it … Continue reading

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Fluoride – Food for Thought

4396710 What the heck, huh? Got any ideas what that means? It’s a refrigerator water filter number, in case you were wondering. While we are on the subject of water, by the way. Did you know that the fluoride in … Continue reading

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Dinosaur For Sale: Fossil Going in Vegas

One of the largest known T Rex skeletons ever discovered will be offered for auction on Saturday, October 3, 2009 during the first Natural History auction to be held at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Up for auction will … Continue reading

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Happy Weekend! Good News for September 12, 2009

Greetings! Like many of us, I’ve been contemplating how blessed I feel to be living in relative safety here in the U.S. It seems so hard to believe that it’s been eight years since the terrorist attack. Our family has … Continue reading

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Deep-Fried Butter??

Yes, you read that right. Deep-fried butter is one of eight new deep-fried creations that will be presented to the public at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas soon. Each year, fair participants try to outdo themselves by creating … Continue reading

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Can Tea Reduce Your Stress Level?

Is it true that as little as one cup of tea can reduce stress? The act of taking time out to prepare a cup of tea seems to be a large part of the way that tea reduces stress. It … Continue reading

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