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McDonald’s to Lift Fee for Internet Access

Here’s a great tip for students looking for free WiFi. Maybe by combining this with advertising to sell textbooks you can make your starving student ends meet a little easier. McDonald’s Corporation will soon offer free WiFi access at most … Continue reading

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Make Sure You Get Full Value for Gift Cards

Using gift cards has become a little easier lately. Many retailers have eliminated expiration dates and fees that reduce the value of the cards over time. So, instead of getting out that box cutter and slicing through all those packages, … Continue reading

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Happy Weekend! Last Good News for 2009! (12/26/2009)

Can you believe we’re on the brink of 2010? Unreal…I remember so vividly ten years ago when we were turning over into a new millennium. The excitement and the trepidation about what the turn-over would bring. There is more unease … Continue reading

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Gift of Giving

Have you heard of charity gift cards? The gift-giver makes a charitable donation but the recipient chooses which charity receives it. Erik Marks, TisBest’s founder, remarks that once people get material wealth, giving each other more stuff just doesn’t make … Continue reading

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Happy Weekend! Good News for December 19, 2009

December marches on…can you believe how quickly time flies? 2010 will be here before we know it. Life in my house continues to proceed at a fast clip. I don’t know about you, but I can blink and half a … Continue reading

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Best Foods for Immunity

A strong immune system will make you a stronger person, able to fend off a variety of bacteria, bugs and germs. Not only this, but you might just eliminate those dark circles under your eyes as well! Best Foods • … Continue reading

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Happy Weekend! Good News for December 12, 2009

How is your year winding down? Crazy? Hectic? Harried? I suspect many of us are caught up in the typical whirlwind of this time of year. If you need a breather…grab a cuppa, sit back, and enjoy a little good … Continue reading

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Healthy Ice Cream?

Combine this with your safe weight loss pills for a little treat. Researchers are trying to make a healthy ice cream. If they are successful, ice cream would become as healthy as whole oat products and foods made with soy … Continue reading

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Olive Branch Toddler Helps in Delivery of Baby Brother

Imagine the baby shower invitations or birth announcements for this one: Two-year-old Jeremiha Taylor helped deliver his little brother at the foot of his family’s living room couch. Bobbye Favazza, 27, of Olive Branch, MS, gave birth to a 7-pound, … Continue reading

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Happy Weekend! Good News for December 5, 2009

Winding down the year – seems almost impossible. We had our first snow the other day and it stuck. Can still see the grass through the thin layer of snow…but snow nonetheless and the kids were thrilled. Now we seem … Continue reading

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