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Happy Weekend! Good News for January 30, 2010

Well…we’ve got January under our belts so that means winter is one-third over. How does that feel? Not quite enough for you yet? Yeah…me neither. I hate winter. We are back into the deep freeze here in the upper midwest … Continue reading

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Happy Weekend! Good News for January 23, 2010

Weekend Greetings! We are marching through January with purpose, or so it would seem. Down to the last week now. It always seems to me that getting through January is the hardest part of the whole winter. Once we have … Continue reading

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Solar-Powered Irrigation Improves Diet in Sub-Sahara

Not quite water filters, but interesting nonetheless… Solar-powered drip irrigation systems improve household incomes and nutrition of villagers in sub-Saharan Africa. Solar-powered pumps installed in remote villages in West Africa were a cost-effective way of delivering irrigation water especially during … Continue reading

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Super Foods

Want to make sure you get the most vitamins and nutrients from your foods? Try some of these super foods! Wild Alaskan salmon Olive oil Avocados Wild blueberries Broccoli Red beans Oatmeal Walnuts Greek fat-free yogurt Dark chocolate (70 percent … Continue reading

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Take Control of Your Happiness

Little things can make a big difference in how happy we feel on a day to day basis…more so than the big huge things, in fact. Daily exercise and weekly worship are two examples of little things that can improve … Continue reading

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Get the Real Scoop

How about a place to read what other people really think about products like vigrx before you decide that perhaps these products are for you? Men’s Blog Talk is the place to go to find out exactly what other people … Continue reading

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Infants in Africa Receive 364 Gallons of Donor Breast Milk

No, it’s not muscle milk or muscle milk reviews…but this is cool nonetheless. A Minnesota-based organization sent 364 gallons of donor breast milk to infants in need in South Africa. The shipment consisted of 46,634 ounces of pasteurized donated breast … Continue reading

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Kale Chips! Junk Food Makeovers

Looking for diet supplements? How about making over your favorite junk food? Learn how to prepare healthier homemade versions of your family’s favorite fare. You can put a healthy twist on favorites like burgers, french fries and pizza. Try some … Continue reading

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Coral Can Recover from Climate Change Damage

Imagine the possibilities here…if coral can do this what might we be able to invent for new arthritis treatments. A study provides the first evidence that coral reefs can recover from the effects of climate change and begin thriving again. … Continue reading

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Happy Weekend! Good News for January 16, 2010

Over two weeks into 2010 already! How has the new decade of the 21st century been so far for you? Hope you have been met with health and happiness, peace and prosperity. Needing some good news? You’ve come to the … Continue reading

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