Staying Healthy Through Flying Season

As we get closer to travel season, the regular nagging thought comes to mind: How do I stay healthy with all these travel flights?
We’ve all been there — you’re on a packed-full airplane flight, stuck in the middle seat with someone coughing on your left side and someone sneezing on your right side. Nowhere to go. Are you doomed to get sick? Dr. Travis Stork, co-host of “The Doctors,” says there may be something you can do.
If germ particles are floating in the air, switch on your overhead air vent to the highest setting, aimed downward at your face. “The air will actually help push those particles away,” he says.
While many stock up on vitamin C and take other supplements designed to strengthen the immune system for travel, Stork says, wellness is more in your head than you think. “All of those supplements out there, a lot of it is the placebo effect,” he explains. “If you’re more optimistic and you believe you’re going to get better, your immune system strangely fires up.”

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