Photographer Snaps The Perfect Shot Of A Rainbow At The Bottom Of Yosemite Mountain

Tumbling down a nearly 200 metre drop in Yosemite National Park, Bridalveil Fall is a spectacular scene of nature.

But occasionally, when conditions permit, the magnificent waterfall is transformed into and even more spectacular sight. With just the right mix of water vapour and light, it becomes an beautiful rainbow haze that permeates the lush vegetation and dramatic rock faces around it.

This breathtaking sight only last a few minutes, as the disappearing sunlight passes across the mountainous backdrop and reflects on the vaporised water.

But for patient photographer Mei Xu, it was certainly worth the wait.

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Warmer Climate

I’m very thankful to live in a nice, warm house in this cold climate and I’m thankful to even have a house at all, but sometimes I can’t help but imagine how nice it would be live in a warmer climate. I’m not thinking about doing anything drastic, like buying louisville houses, but someday I would like to look into buying a house in a warmer climate…These Wisconsin winters really get to you after awhile.

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Eye Testing Could Detect Alzheimers 20 Years Before

According to new research, doctors may one day use eye tests to find the very early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Non-invasive retinal testing is now being trialled and could help flag up the condition by informing doctors to the presence of amyloid plaque deposits, a known sign of the disease.

Testing could mean that patients are diagnosed or are at least flagged up as high-risk up to 20 years before noticeable symptoms begin, helping patients get treatment before memory loss begins.

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3 Easy Ways To Boost Metabolism

1. Increase Protein.

You need it to build strong muscles – the metabolic powerhouses in your body. Yes, every pound of muscle zaps six calories a day just doing nothing, while a pound of fat burns a measly two. A 2012 review from the Netherlands found that eating a healthy amount of protein helps you drop pounds and keep them off. What’s “a healthy amount”? The study authors suggest 1.2 grams of protein for each kilogram you weigh. So our 158-pound (72-kilogram) woman might eat 86 grams of protein a day – that’s one egg at breakfast (6 grams), a tuna salad sandwich at lunch (16 grams), 4 ounces of fat-free cottage cheese for a snack (12 grams), and a 6-ounce chicken breast at dinner (52 grams).

2. Pile on Spicy Extras

Chili peppers, ginger, and turmeric have all been discovered to have a beneficial, albeit small, effect on metabolism. Use them often-beyond the boost, “You’ll be getting phytonutrients, and they make meals more flavorful.”

3. Stop sitting around.

If you make phone calls for one hour at your desk, you’ll burn 15 calories, but if you do it while standing up and pacing, you’ll burn 100 calories. It’s called NEAT – Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – and ongoing research at the Mayo Clinic has found that we can burn up to an additional 800 calories a day simply by getting off our keisters and moving around more. Not only does NEAT help drop pounds, but it also may have a greater impact on longevity than standard exercise.

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Shopping For B-Day Gifts

When you have a lot of kids, it seems like every time you turn around, there’s another birthday to celebrate—I’m not complaining—I’m thankful for each and every one of my kids and enjoy helping them celebrate their big day. Shopping for their gifts, however, can get a little strenuous when I’m not exactly aware of exactly what they want. It could be anything from a mackie profx8 at musicians friend to simply a new toy. But what I love is how thankful my kids are for what they get, no matter what it is. 😀

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A Strangers Good Deed

Being trapped at the airport after a flight cancellation is upsetting enough in itself, but imagine if you’re trying to get to get your father’s funeral the very next day.

That’s the exact place Jelena Ma, a mother of two, found herself in while attempting to travel from Detroit to New York City on June 28.

“While I was waiting in line to transfer my ticket to another flight, Jelena approached me to explain her situation,” Zach Rotter, 21, told “Her father’s funeral was the next morning at 9 a.m. in New York City. She wanted to drive there because the next flight to get into the city wasn’t until the following afternoon.”

Rotter and another young woman in line, Leanne Falzon, who were both as frustrated with the flight situation as Ma, agreed they would all rent a car together and hit the road in attempt to get Ma to NYC by morning in order to attend her father’s funeral.

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Decking Out The Snowmen

Once we get our first snow of the year, one of my top priorities is getting out my beloved SNOWMEN!! I’m sorry but I just LOVE my snowmen collection! No, I don’t need any help for my addiction to snowmen trinkets, but seriously, I am proud of my ever-growing snowmen collection….Strange thing is that every year, it grows a little bit….weird, huh? 😉

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Gracious Teenager Sells Her Jeep For Her BFF

A teenage girl has sold her brand new dream Jeep so she could buy her friend a vehicle in an astonishing act of generosity and kindness.

Chandler Lacefield, 17, gave up her red car, which had been a graduation gift, to buy two smaller cars, so both she and her best friend MacKenzie Sterner, also 17, could have freedom.

The girls met at Weatherford High School, Texas in March and bonded over a love of running, cheer-leading and fishing – but Sterner soon became reliant on her friends due to the fact that her mother could not afford to buy her a car.

Coming to the rescue, her best friend Miss Lacefield came up with a plan. After spending time in Bali in June, on a mission trip, Miss Lacefield said the idea came to her.

Lacefield says: “I just had a feeling that God wanted me to do something big.”

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Tropical Getaway

When I look out my window and see nothing but tons of snow, I find it hard not to wish for a tropical getaway. Don’t get me wrong—I am so thankful that I have a nice, comfortable home to live in during the cold winter months, unlike some less-privileged people. But sometimes when I’m huddled under a fleece blanket with my hot coffee and comfy slippers, I imagine going through all the hassle of traveling ( such as dealing with realtor checklists) and I’m just grateful that I have a home to live in.

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A Natural Solution To Hunger

For more than 10 years, Robin Emmons felt helpless as her older brother lived on the streets, makig his meals out of the contents of garbage cans.

I had a small garden, so I thought, ‘Well, I’ll just put in some extra rows,’ ” Emmons said. “I began making weekly deliveries of whatever was growing.”

 Emmons soon realized, however, that the problem went well beyond her brother’s transitional home. While farmers markets were springing up across the city, she noticed that low-income and working-class neighborhoods had few grocery stores or places to buy fresh produce.

Discovering this problem sparked something inside Emmons, who had recently left her corporate job to find more meaningful work.

Today, Emmons has 200 volunteers helping her tend 9 acres of crops on three sites. Since 2008, she says, her nonprofit, Sow Much Good, has grown more than 26K pounds of fresh produce for less-priviliged communities in Charlotte.

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